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UFO Extracts Cartridges for sale in USA

UFO Extracts Cartridges uses state of the art lab technology for all extraction purposes. The UFO Extracts vaporizers are made with cannabis oil and natural derived terpenes. All cartridges are free of any heavy metal contaminants. We pledge to never use any additives or cutting agents such as “Vitamin E” to increase profit or jeopardize our patients health.

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Available Flavors

– Grape Ape

– Lemon Tree

– Sour Tangie

– Gelato

– Watermelon Haze

– Sunset Sherbert

– Orange Kush

– Forbidden Fruit

– Platinum Kush

– Mimosa

– Strawberry Blonde

– Purple Punch

– Super Sour Diesel

– Limoncello

– Train Wreck

– Orange Crush

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